Different kinds of Christmas trees  

Nordmanns fir (silver fir) - different sizes,

<--- 1. quality

2. quality --->


Common spruce
different sizes,

1. quality --->





Naturetrees and shaped trees.  
We sell both "naturetrees"








and "shaped trees"

The shaped Christmas trees are naturetrees, which we have shaped through several seasons to make them slim and tight.

Very shaped trees.  --->

We also sell Christmas trees, which is extra shaped.


Cuttinggreen / Decorategreen: We also sell branches for cutting or decorating by common spruce and nobelis.

Transport: We either sell the Christmas trees loaded on a vehicle in Denmark or delivered at your home. If you wish, we can pile up the trees on a pallet.

Netting ect.: Norway spruce are always "wrapped" in nets and the lower 10 - 20 cm of the tree is cleaned of branches.