Niels Moes AS
Røde Møllevej 18
9520 Skørping
Tlf.: +45 98375200
Fax: +45 98375300
Den Danske Bank
Skørping afd.
DK- 9520 Skørping 3711
Konto nr. 3711 047093

We are a middle sized company which exports Christmas trees from our own Christmas tree cultures.

For more than 15 years, we have exported Christmas trees, and we have several customers, who has bought Christmas trees through the whole period. 

Who you are talking to or meeting, if you contact of by phone, or if you visit us:


Niels Moes

Gert Nielsen

Kjeld Thaagaard

If you wish to come and visit us, contact us in good time so we are sure we can welcome you and show you the Christmas trees